FLAME: Faith Leader Advocacy for Malaria Elimination

Funded by Isdell:Flowers, this project catalyzes the formation of technically competent interfaith coalitions of religious leaders for malaria advocacy. These coalitions will work with all malaria stakeholders and will seek to:

1)     To amplify the advocacy voice of religious leaders, who represent most citizens, who speak with moral authority, and who are driven to improve and sustain the health and wellbeing of the people; and

     To address the challenge of imperfect policies and insufficient funding to eliminate malaria within target timeframes in a manner that is aligned with national malaria control/elimination program priorities

FLAME Overall goal

High level, National advocacy, three general results:

1. Adoption of policies and strategies that accelerate malaria elimination
2. Implementation of policies and strategies that accelerate malaria elimination
3. Necessary funding for these policies